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We are not a placement agency, and work directly onsite under your directive. Our consulting fee is proportional to the amount of time and work spent to troubleshoot and resolve the task assigned to us. Each consulting contract is different and a length of time will be estimated before start.
Our fee is on a daily basis with a minimum of three days, travel expenses (transport and lodging) not included.

In general most of the domestic placement agencies offer their services for a fee going from 15% to 20% of the first year gross annual salary of the enrolled employee.
Through our services you will be able to assure yourself of the reality of your needs and avoid costly unpleasant experiences in hiring a domestic employee from any agency without knowing what to expect first.

We pride ourselves in understanding the domestic employment relationship from the viewpoint of both employer and employee. We encourage our clients to contact us regarding any job related issues. There is never a charge for our advice!

Please, contact us for a free estimate!

Alexander C. Auttier

To Contact Us :
Tel : +33-950-258-130
Cell phone : +33 -626-482-355

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