Estate Management and Consultancy
Butler Training and Coaching
Assessment Education and Information

Our goal is to provide world class personal service to the employer and guests. In order to provide that service we must have high personal standard. To reach that goal, we propose to coach and train your staff to be more efficient and tailored to their duties.

  • Customized service management.
  • Service leadership and Etiquette.
  • Onsite training and coaching.
  • Table setting: Breakfast, Lunch, Family Dinner, Formal dinner, etc.
  • Table service: Formal dinner, Buffet, Brunch, etc.
  • Private Home menu development, specialized menu (Diet, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, etc.)
  • Wine cellar stock management and handling.
  • Food and Wines purchasing.
  • Coffees & Teas.
  • Cigars & Tobacco care and handling.
  • Etiquette and Protocol.

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Butler Training and Coaching


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