Estate Management and Consultancy
Butler Training and Coaching
Assessment Education and Information

Our experience has shown us that to be an efficient employee recurring training and improving your knowledge is essential in being able to perform at the best of your capacities. We offer a complete assessment and analysis of each employee task and duties to improve their performance and time management.

  • Assessment and Evaluation of all Staff members onsite.
  • Food handling, storage and hygiene rules.
  • Guest contact.
  • Communication & Telephone handling : Answering phone, Taking messages, etc.
  • Communication & Interpersonal relation between employees.
  • Hygiene, Personal aspect and attitude.
  • Closet organization and management.
  • Linen, clothing and laundry care.
  • Specialized care of clothing and accessories.
  • Selection and care of sheets, towels, linens, bed making and amenities.
  • Computer tutoring, bookkeeping, filing, etc.
  • Alarm and Emergency procedures.
  • Child safety.
  • Vendor liaison.
  • Pet care & handling.

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